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Are you interested in hiring a fast and friendly cleaning service? Clean Conscience offers one time, bi-weekly, and weekly cleaning services in Superior, CO.



Every day, we spend hours and hours at work rather than at home. We wake up, head to the office, and do our part. But while at work, many people don’t know that the environment we work in can hold countless dangerous and toxic substances, many of them from chemical cleaning agents. Plenty of offices hire outside cleaning services to freshen up the workplace after-hours, and when we don’t see that happening, it’s easy to forget that harmful chemicals are regularly used on desks, chairs, and the air around us.

Common cleaners can hold a number of dangerous products. Chlorine, formaldehyde, and ammonia can all have a serious impact on the human body. If these chemicals are ingested into the body, the toxins within can have very negative effects on health. The dangers include nausea, eye irritation, burns, cancer, and more. What’s worse is, these chemicals can harm the environment as well as ourselves, and having a refreshing work environment just isn’t worth polluting the natural world around us.

But, we’re here to help you out! Clean Conscience is a healthier, safer alternative to other cleaning services. We clean offices and small business spaces using non-toxic, 100% safe, and totally effective products and methods. You can have a clean workplace without dealing with the consequences of dangerous chemical cleaners. Both your employees and the planet as a whole can rest easy knowing that you’re hiring Clean Conscience.